Computer Monitoring Software

Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring Software

RecoveryFix PC Monitoring Software is the perfect monitoring software that monitors and records every PC activity of users in the specified network. It is an efficient, user-friendly, accessible and easy to use monitoring tool, which is capable of capturing every computer's activity within a network flawlessly. Computer activities such as chat conversations, emails, websites visited, web searches, programs run, emails sent, on screen typed keystrokes, file transferred and received and many more can be recorded with the help of RecoveryFix Computer Monitoring software with ease.

RecoveryFix Desktop Monitoring tool has the ability to record every action on employee's desktop and keep that for further viewing. It records the actions in real time. AVI format recordings can be viewed later with Windows Media Player. It works exactly like surveillance camera utility but RecoveryFix Computer Monitoring software does not let any user know that they are being tracked. It is the best monitoring software to keep an eye on internet usage and usual normal desktop activities. It works effectively in the background and is invisible.

Computer Monitoring Software

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RecoveryFix Computer Monitoring software can be installed manually or remotely to a network. Immediately after the installation, the tool can be started. The tool comes with two files, one need to be installed at Viewer's desktop and the other needs to be installed at the agent's desktop. Offline and Online recordings are created with this software tool. The software enables user to record offline as well, when he is not on his desk.

By far, this best result-oriented, focused PC monitoring tool facilitates the user to execute commands like lock PC, restart, shut down, start or remove screensaver/wallpaper, or send messages on the monitored computer from the viewer computer. The computers to be monitored should be connected via LAN and should be in the network.

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Recoveryfix Employee Activity Monitor Software

RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitor is a professional result-oriented and cost effective employee computer monitoring tool that lets the company administrators keep a check on employee's activity on a daily basis. It lets the administrators supervise the employee's activity from a central location. By far, this is the best way to boost the employee's productivity and efficiency in an organization.

RecoveryFix Employee Monitoring software is useful for large organizations, which are facing issues related to confidential data transfer, illegal activities or just the bad usage or organization's time and resources. With the use of RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitoring software, the administrators can effectively monitor their employees during working hours and increase the work productivity. It monitors the running applications, typed keystrokes; list of files uploaded/downloaded from the FTP, websites visited, chats, opened or closed windows application etc. It creates desktop screenshots and videos for future reference.

Employee Monitoring Software

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Real time monitoring tool improves the employees' productivity and reduces the security breaches to a limit. The software saves all the monitored activities offline as well as online. If the viewer is not present physically on his desk, he can tweak the settings a bit and record agent's activity for that specific time. The software tool creates offline logs to keep a check on employees.

The viewer can see the detailed user activity logs as and when required. All screenshots are saved in JPEG file format and the videos in AVI format. The software runs on an invisible stealth mode to view everyone activities and keep a check on them. Secure powerful, easy to use RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitoring software is easy to install, use and one of the best products available in the market for employee activity monitoring and boost.

Secure and powerful for the organization, yet easy for anyone to install and use, Recoveryfix Employee Activity Monitor software comes with attractive graphical user interface, which requires few mouse clicks to monitor and save monitored activities.

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