" View - Monitor - Record Desktop Activities "

Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring is a computer activity monitoring software designed and developed for computer monitoring and internet monitoring. Spy software that tracks and records every user desktop activity - chatting, cursors, email activities, printed documents, applications launched, internet activities, visited websites, accessed network systems, keyboard activities. You can also record and save screen shots of every activity to a .AVI file for every second or on hourly basis. Schedule hourly recordings and view them in a movie format.

You can secretly monitor any computer system in your network: domain or non-domain based with administrative rights. Recoveryfix Computer Monitor comes with two executable files; Computer Monitor Setup and Recoveryfix Agent Setup. You need to install the Recoveryfix Agent setup on the remote computer which you need to monitor, you can do this remotely or manually. As the agent gets installed on the remote computer, you can start monitoring that PC with immediate effect. With effective supervising software you can directly view screen shots of every happening activity on the user desktop.

Software works as a surveillance camera to the monitored computer and promotes invisible monitoring, without any hint to the monitored computer until the notification is sent. You can send instant messages to an individual monitored computer or broadcast it to every one in the monitoring control. You can also record and save the desktop activities for future references. The saved recordings can be easily converted to a .AVI file viewed with Windows Media Player.

With Recoveryfix computer activity monitoring software you can lock and shutdown the monitored PC from your computer system itself. You just need to give the command from Recoveryfix PC Monitoring Software and the monitored PC will get locked or closed.

With differentiated features and functions Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring is perfect solution for internet monitoring and computer monitoring purposes. Just relax when you have installed the powerful PC activity monitoring software at your office or home.