" Secretly monitor computer activities, Record everything, Take screenshots every second, Watch LIVE desktops, Create .AVI movie recordings, Track PC activities, Internet Usage...." Complete computer activity monitoring solution

No place and individual is secure in the world of internet - your home, workplace, your children, spouse, employees and every other individual associated with you. Unauthorized activities at your office lead to transfer of confidential data through emails, chat messengers, and your family members could be the victims of internet violence, internet threats and email abuses. You need to put check on all such activities....but how can you see what your employees and family members are doing on internet when you are not present at home or office?

Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring Software- computer activity monitoring tool helps you in such cases. The software is a computer activity monitoring software which will monitor and record every desktop activity of a user in network. You just need to install the computer activity monitoring software Agent file on the target computer system and from the next second you can start viewing screenshots of the desktop activities.

To monitor, you need to have all the computer connected in a network either in a domain or non-domain based network with fully functional administrative rights for the target computer. You can install the agent remotely from your computer or by manual installation.

Computer Activity Monitoring Software displays screenshots of every remote desktop activity and enables you to monitor :

  • Entire activities of the user desktop
  • Window Activities
  • Mouse Cursor Movements
  • Online typed Keystrokes
  • Chat Conversations
  • Installed - Uninstalled Applications
  • Executed Printing Jobs
  • PC Log on /Log off Activity
  • And screenshot of every other activity performed by the user.

Download the free trial version of computer monitoring software which will monitor 1 remote computer in network for 7 days. These 7 days will give you the knowledge and expertise for the software feature and functions which can be effectively performed with full version of the software.