" Recoveryfix Desktop Monitoring Tool is a perfect Software for tracking and viewing desktop activities of your employees, children, spouse and every other concerned person. "

Free computer monitoring software provides unmatched computer monitoring experience with which you can view screen shot of every activity happening on the remote desktop as if you are standing behind the person and watching what all activities are going on the user desktop.

Do you suspect employee activities:
  • Are they working or surfing web for personal activities ?
  • Are they doing online shopping, gambling during work hours?
  • Are they indulged in pornographic site activities ?
  • Are they transferring confidential data of your organization?
  • Are they spending more time in cafeteria, or sitting idle during working hours?

Do you suspect you children and spouse for their internet use:

  • Does your child, spouse closes the opened websites, as you enter the room?
  • Is your child talking to strangers or people elder to him?
  • Are their frequent visits to porn sites?
  • Is he transferring his/her photos to strangers?
  • Are their many strangers included in your child's online friends list?
  • Is your spouse spending more time over internet chatting?
  • Are their constant virus attacks to your PC?

Computer Monitoring Tool is the solution for all these activities. Recoveryfix PC Monitor is a desktop activity monitoring tool displays screen shots of every ongoing activity on the user desktop. You only need to have a network based environment where every PC is connected through network and the work is done. Install Recoveryfix Computer Monitor tool to your system and Recoveryfix Agent to other PC and start monitoring the computer desktop activities of the user.

You can view screen shots of the visited websites, chat conversations, system log on/log off activity, sent/received emails, transfer of data, words typed, windows activities, executed commands for printing, and mouse activities. Execute lock and shut down PC commands from your computer and send instant notification messages to the monitored computer system.

Record and save the user activity screen shots to your hard drive with instant recording or scheduled recording feature and view it as a movie with .AVI file format easily accessible with Windows Media Player. Create a slide show of the saved recordings and view it as a power point presentation.

Try the free trial of computer monitoring software and check how effectively you can monitor remote desktop activities with Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring software. The demo version is available for 03 days trial period which works effectively in domain or non-domain based network. You can install the PC monitoring tool remotely or manually and start monitoring the systems.

Free PC monitoring software gives unmatched monitoring experience just like relaxing and watching TV at your home. The dependable remote surveillance software assures complete safe and secure environment at your office and home.