Do you want to view Remote Desktop Activities ?

Do you want to Monitor Employee Activities ?
Do you want to know what your Children/Spouse do when you are not at Home ?


Recoveryfix Computer Activity Monitoring Software is a remote surveillance tool which displays you screenshots of remote PC activities of the computer in network. It can be your office or home, you can easily monitor every performed activity in LAN. The invisible monitoring enables to view internet activities, desktop activities, chatting conversations, sent/received emails, documents mailed as attachments, images sent as attachments, downloaded files, downloaded images, installed software, un-installed software, keystroke typing, watched videos, computer startup and shutdown activity and every other thing which the user performs from desktop.

This software helps you to record and save the remote desktop activities if in case you are not present to monitor, the saved activities can be viewed in the .AVI movie format or a slide show format. Saved activities proves advantageous when you need to prove any evidence for legal actions. Desktop activity monitoring software is complete monitoring solution for your enquiries related to online activities of your employees, spouse and children.

Beneficial for every place which is indulged in internet activities and needs monitoring to stop suspicious activities and indulgence of youth into illegal and unauthorized activities. Try the free computer monitoring software, desktop activity monitoring software for 07 days and experience real time monitoring of network desktop activities.

Know more about desktop activity monitoring software and implement the software when you need to monitor remote desktops in LAN.