Do you want to view Remote Desktop Activities ?

Remote desktop monitoring with Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring software to watch and trace desktop activities. View screen shots and record every activity of the remote user desktop; which websites are being visited, what applications are being opened, which files are getting downloaded, which documents are getting printed, chat conversations, what files are being transferred through emails, what the user is doing during work hours --- complete remote surveillance to know every happening thing.

This tool is powerful, supervising software which gives complete access to view screen shots of desktop activities being performed. Free trial version for 03 days enables undisputed and unmatched monitoring of 1 computer system for 03 days. 100s of computers can be monitored simultaneously in real time. Schedule recordings of the daily activities, save them and view in a movie like format.

Real time desktop monitoring helps to control activities of your employees and increase the work efficiency, productivity, employee performance, and puts a check on transfer of company confidential data, no access to shopping, gambling, porn, news, social networking, personal email access and other activities which lead to low productivity and wastage of crucial working hours.