Employee PC Monitoring

Employee computer monitoring software solution provided by Recoveryfix range is best to monitor employee activities remotely. The employee computer monitoring software helps to completely track and keep record of multiple computer activities and their internet usage. You can view what are the employees doing during work hours and spare time.

Easy to install in a domain or non-domian based network, you can easily monitor employee activities in real time. Works like a survelliance camera at workplace to monitor activities of 100s of computers. Monitoring solutions market does govern many employee monitoring solutions to mointor 1 computer but our best employee monitoring software helps you to monitor 50s, 100s and even more of computer(s) at a time in network.

Recoveryfix Employee Computer Monitoring is a perfect solution to your monitoring and supervising needs. Its a fact that the network administrator cannot be present at every place to view internet activities or can easily know what problems are employees facing. Our employee PC monitoring software becomes the supervisor for you. Employee Computer Monitoring Software will help you to supervise and view computer activities, track internet usage, record and save them. As a smart manager, it helps you to know how the employees are using the internet resources and spending their time during work and free hours. View desktop activities of chattings, visited websites, downloaded software, uploading/downloading through FTP protocol, installed/un-installed software, running system processes, log and records typed keystrokes, opened/closed windows, and every other thing which the employee performs on his/her desktop.

Control the monitored computer to execute commands from your PC; remotely open any application, close it and perform the actions of restarting, locking or shutting down the computer. To monitor any computer in a network you need to install Recoveryfix Agent to the target computer which enables monitoring of any remote computer. Agent setup can be installed remotely and manually. After installing the agent, you can easily startup the monitoring process.