Monitoring Internet Usages of Employees will benefit you?

As much as 80% of employees throughout the world use Internet for their personal usage during work hours. They check their personal emails, chat on IMs, shop online, read online newspapers, plays games, and visit social networking sites, etc at work place. While opening some websites of personal interest during work hours is acceptable but spending a lot of time doing personal work on Internet may hamper employees' productivity. To put a check on unauthorized Internet usage and to have increased work efficiency, you need to implement Employee Internet Monitoring.

Recoveryfix Employee Internet Monitoring is one such software that offers a perfect solution to keep a track of your employees Internet usage. With the help of this employee Internet monitoring tool, you can easily view the Internet usage record of your employees. This software displays screenshots of the employee's computer and helps you view every activity that the employee is performing. The 'Website' feature of the software provides complete list with data and time details about all the websites visited by the employee.