Key Feature:

View Complete Desktop Activities

View entire PC activities of your employee. You will be able to monitor each and every activity and act which the user is performing on his/her desktop. Mouse activities, window activities, application activities, program activities, chatting activities, file download activities, internet activities, windows start menu activities...

Invisible Monitoring

Recoveryfix Employee Activity Monitoring tool works invisibly in background of the monitored computer. You just need to install the Recoveryfix Agent remotely or manually and it will work invisibly without letting the monitored user know about its existence. You can inform the monitored user by sending instant notification messages to the computer.

Increase Work Efficiency

Increase work efficiency and output from your employepes. As they come to know about the monitoring process being followed they will concentrate more on work which will help in having increased output. Visits to websites like online shopping, gambling, news, sports, porn and other personal interest domains.

Keystroke Monitoring

View every keystroke which the user types. you can easily know the typed user names, passwords, text which are used to login, communicate and dispatch. View every typed hot key like CTRL, Shift, Enter, BackSpace. Save the typed keystrokes in text file format for future references

Monitor Window Activities

View what all windows does the user opens, how many times the network computers are accessed, what all links are clicked, which programs are launched, which programs are installed/un-installed.

Save Monitored Activities

Save what you see on the user desktop. Save entire activities for your use in JPEG and .TXT file formats in one mouse click. The desktop activities get saved in JPEG file format and other activities in .txt file format. The saving option in the software helps you to gather evidence for proof for your legal or required purposes.

View and Track Internet Activities

View every website which your employees visit and know the activities they perform. With increased number of violence and abuse complaints through social networking sites, you can easily put break to happen from your work place.

View System Process

View the running system processes in the employee computer. The Process Monitor window in the software displays the running Process Name, Process Path, and Date/Time details. You can view every application running in the computer and also get warnings if any suspicious exe's of viruses are running in the computer.

View FTP Transfers

View and keep record of what your employee upload/download with the FTP protocol. Software will display every file path, moving to other folders, typed user names, passwords, which file was downloaded and uploaded with their date and time of execution.

Control the Monitored System

You can easily control the employee PC from your PC. Execute commands to launch or close any application with facilitation to lock, restart and shut down the monitored computer.