Monitor Employee PC activity

Many organizations now a days need to have working stiffs monitoring software to keep track of their employee activities. Increased cases of email abuses, internet threatening, transfer of confidential data; news of data transfer through employee sabotages mark their presence in daily newspapers but culprits in such cases are saved as their is no such proof of the evidence. In this scenario organizations, companies employee monitoring methods where they can stop such activities through invisible monitoring techniques and have evidence of proofs for legal proceedings.

Our working stiff monitoring software does it all, you have complete supervising presence in your organization with Recoveryfix Employee Monitoring installed and performing at your work place. Software comes with two components: Recoveryfix Employee Monitor setup and Recoveryfix Agent to monitor activities, it works effectively in a domain or non-domain based network. Install the software and start monitoring employee activities.

With Recoveryfix Employee Monitoring you can view,

  • What the Employees Type and in which Application,
  • What Files they upload with FTP
  • What Sites they visit with duration visit
  • Which Software are Installed/Un-installed
  • Running Processes in their PC
  • Entire Window Access: which programs were opened, which were closed, when did they switched to another window, when did they accessed network computers,
  • Complete Desktop Activities: View everything which they perform on their desktop; what are they doing during work and free hours, to whom are they chatting, which files are getting transferred through emails
  • Control the Monitored Computer: Execute and terminate programs from your computer on the monitored computer. Open or close any application/program and if required restart, shutdown or lock the monitored computer.
  • Monitor 50s and 100s of Computers: Unlike other employee computer monitor software in market, which only allows monitoring of 1 to 2 computers, Recoveryfix Employee Activity Monitor enables you to monitor 50s, 100s and more than 100 computers to monitor simultaneously.
  • Save the Monitored Activities: Easily save what you view and monitor on employee computer which proves helpful for future references. JPEG's and Text files are used to save the monitored data.