Computer Activity Monitoring Software

Recoveryfix Employee Activity Monitor software is the perfect internet activity monitoring software to monitor internet usage by your employees. It helps you to find out the undesirable activities through internet being performed at your work place.

Recoveryfix Employee Internet Activity Monitoring needs domain or non-domain based network to work and monitor effectively. Software is a combination spree of professional, powerful, remote surveillance network monitoring software which helps you to get details of the sites being visited, internet activities being performed, data being transferred through emails, FTP activities, typed user names and passwords for site user login and much more.

Record and save details of the visited websites, programs run, typed keystrokes, files transferred, desktop screenshots, with its feature to create offline log of the activities which you are unable to monitor. Offline logs can be created for every monitored computer in network. Easy to use, free from any ad ware, spy ware or virus, the internet activity monitoring software helps you to get details of the following:

  • Visited Websites - HTTP Details
  • Date and Time of Website Visits
  • Create Offline Log for Website Visits
  • Screenshots of visited websites
  • Time Duration of Site Visits

Try free demo version of the software for 07 days and know which sites are being visited by your employees and how much time do they spend on these sites.