Monitor Employees at Work

Are you facing decreased productivity at work?, Are there constant virus attacks to your organizations network environment?, Employees are devoting more time towards Personal Interest sites, or You are finding it difficult to supervise and monitor your employees?

If your answer to one or more questions above is 'yes', then it is the time you need to pay attention to your employees activities and monitor them at work. Active monitoring of employees at work place puts a check on unauthorized activities at and helps in increasing efficiency, productivity and output from your employees

To monitor employees at work, you need to have a constant eye on their activities, which is not possible in case of human supervision. It is extremely difficult for a human to maintain uninterrupted supervision on employees and there are several activities that escape the eyes of supervisor too. That is where our software Recoveryfix Employee Activity Monitor comes handy. It is a highly reliable and efficient employee monitoring tool that eliminates the need of manual supervision of employees at work. It can help you by providing the given details:

  • Viewing Visited Websites
  • logging the Keystrokes Typed
  • Analyzing time spent on different activities
  • System Idle Process
  • Log on/Log off Time
  • Every Desktop Activity
  • Every Internet Activity
  • Every detail of Running System Processes
  • Every Window Activity: Access to a Window, Moving to another Window, Change of Application Usage

Be assured for the office security when you have employee monitoring software installed in your office networking environment to monitor employees at work.