Overview :

Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring Software – network-monitoring software has been designed for the ease of monitoring activities of employees, children, and spouse. If you suspect that some suspicious activity is going on at your office or home then Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring Tool is the best solution for you to know that what is exactly going on.

With the desktop activity monitoring software, you can easily monitor and view what the user is typing, websites s/he is visiting, emails s/he is sending or receiving, executed printing jobs, chat conversations, file downloads, PC log on / log off activity, etc.

Organizations, small enterprises, and families need to monitor and track their employee and children activities to control illegal and unauthorized activities. News of confidential data transfer from organizations marks their presence in daily news headlines. Children are abused by strangers and many fall prey to wrong people. All these can be stopped if you monitor employees' activities and safeguard your children from bad connections.

How Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring Works ?

The powerful desktop monitoring software helps you to track every desktop activity, providing you with every smallest detail of the network users. The software consists of server and agent components. The setup file of Recoveryfix Computer Monitor can be installed on any of the computer in network and the RecoveryfixAgentSetup has to be installed on the computer which has to be monitored. The agent file can be installed remotely or manually only on the systems, which have administrative rights. The agent cannot get installed if the system does not have any administrative rights.

Monitor every computer in LAN, which has agent installed in it and track the activities leading to increased work efficiency, security of important documents, increased employee work efficiency, more time devoted to work, etc. Mentioned below are the software features:

  • Remote Desktop Monitoring
  • View Visited websites, chats, internet activities, file transfers, email activities...
  • Invisible Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Desktop Activity Monitoring
  • Works like a Survelliance Camera to Monitor
  • Real Time Monitoring / Centralized Monitoring
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Record Activities and Create Movies / Snapshot Capturing
  • Schedule to Record Activities, when you are away
  • Lock & Shutdown Monitored computer