Employee Monitoring Software Overview :

RecoveryFix Employee monitoring software enables its users to have full access to the employee’s desktop screen in real time.

RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitor can keep a check at every PC activity including the internet usage of the employee. It tracks visited websites, typed keystrokes, desktop activities, system processes, opened/closed window activities and creates offline logs for the viewer/administrator to see and analyze. Even if the viewer is not present physically on his desk, he can set recording of the agent computers and make an AVI movie out of it that can be viewed later.

RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitor consists of two components namely RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitor Setup and RecoveryFix Agent Setup. The RecoveryFix Monitor Setup should be installed in the computer that would be used for computer monitoring and the Agent Setup should be installed on the target computers for successful monitoring. The viewer and agent should be connected via LAN and should be in the same networking system.

Unlike other monitoring software that keep track of only one or two computers, RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitors unlimited number of computers simultaneously without letting any agent computer know that they are being monitored. The viewer can control the target computer from his/her PC and make certain amendments.

RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitor facilitates you the following:

Control Target Computer: The software has complete control over the target computers where monitoring has to be done. Viewer can execute certain functions from his computer that is, Lock, shut down, restart or change wallpaper on the agent computer.

Save Monitored Activities: Employee Monitoring Software enables the viewer to save entire monitoring activity in an AVI file. Desktop screenshots are saved in JPEG file format whereas other information is saved in TEXT format.

View Visited Websites: Complete HTTP details with date and time are displayed in website tab of the software, which can be viewed any time by the administrator.

Typed Keystrokes:

The Employee Activity monitoring software logs every typed keyword. If you know the user name and password, keys associated with it are instantly typed. Typed keywords also include CTRL, ENTER, DELETE, BACKSPACE and SHIFT keys.

Desktop Activities: Administrator can view remotely every activity performed by the employee on his computer screen.

FTP Protocol Activities: The viewer can monitor Every FTP activity. Any upload or download of files with FTP and at what time is being saved.

System Processes: Administrator can view details of running system processes on employee's computers. The viewer can see which file is open and get the complete path of the running program.

Opened / Closed Window Activities: Complete information of which window was accessed by an employee at what time can be known by use of this software.

Create Offline Logs: It is a beneficial feature that helps in creating offline logs that is you do not need to be physically present in order to track the employee's desktop screen.

Conclusion: This is the perfect solution for employee desktop monitoring needs. RecoveryFix Activity Monitor software is the best supervising and monitoring software currently available in the market. It enables to access the remote computers.

  • View Complete Desktop Activities
  • Supports Invisible Monitoring
  • Helpful to increase Work Efficiency
  • Easily Monitor Window Activities
  • Save activities which you View and Monitor
  • View the logged in Keystrokes
  • View Internet activities, Desktop activities, Network activities
  • View Running System Processes
  • View Opened / Closed Windows
  • Control the monitored computer - Lock It, Restart It, & Shut It Down
  • Complete Control over the Monitored System.
  • Monitor 50s, 100s and more computers simultaneously